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    Tournée le lait Québec en forme

    Le Lait is proud to sponsor the School Tour. Just like the Grand défi Pierre Lavoie, this sponsor is committed to promoting healthy life habits among young people, through physical activity and healthy eating.

    Since November 2008, the tour has been visiting elementary schools in the province to motivate young people to adopt a healthier lifestyle and to enter the friendly contest which takes place in May. The fifth edition of this tour follows the 2012-2013 school year calendar.

    In order for students to experience something they would never forget, a spectacular caravan was designed. Dubbed the Vehicube, it is the nerve centre of the operation and a true playground for children.

    The third generation of the Vehicube.

    The new Vehicube consists of two components. The first is a 22.8-metre-long (75-foot) bus that was retrofitted specifically for the needs of nutrition workshop participants. The Eat Better workshop introduces young people to the basics of a healthy diet through a video game universe. It has touch screens, 3-D food, animated versions of Pierre as a chef and a cyclist, and a virtual grocery basket. The Eat Better workshop is adapted to children’s age groups. There is a workshop specifically designed for first- to third-grade students (6 to 9 years of age), and there is another one for fourth- to sixth-grade students (10 to 12 years of age).

    The second component is a trailer that was specially designed for a bike workshop, hence the name “bike studio.” The “studio” includes 14 stationary bikes, each one featuring a high-tech screen that turns the exercise into a virtual race in which you make your character move forward on the screen.

    The new Vehicube stands out not only for its structure, but also for technological improvements that make it even more exceptional. For example, special attention was given to its sound system to make the acoustics more enjoyable during the workshop. In addition, in the bike studio, a giant screen at the front and eight HD screens on the ceiling give it an even more realistic road-race atmosphere.

    Children can take part in both the Get More Active and Eat Better workshops during each school visit.



    The Energy cubes challenge

    After following La Tournée le Lait and the events of the Grand défi Pierre Lavoie for a whole year, children can take part in a friendly contest at their school. All elementary schools across Quebec may enter. The contest is aimed at rewarding students who make the strongest commitment to becoming more physically active.

    How to participate:

    • Children and their families must do 15-minute sessions of physical activity (or energy cubes), 7 days a week for a month.
    • Each session earns them one point. The more active they are, the more points they accumulate.
    • These points are entered on the official website of the Grand défi Pierre Lavoie,, by physical education teachers or the person in charge. Parents are responsible for signing their children’s report confirming the number of points to be approved by the person in charge at the school.

    The average number of energy cubes per student is categorized as follows:

    • Gold cube – 450 cubes per pupil
    • Silver cube – 300 to 449 cubes per pupil
    • Cubes bronze – 200 to 299 cubes per pupil

    Children can have fun monitoring their school’s progress on, comparing their performance with that of other schools in their region and encouraging one another to improve in order to win the grand prize.

    The Grand défi is proud to announce that several groups such as childcare centres, secondary schools and businesses are now part of this great adventure. These entities can now use the platform offered by to calculate their own cubes.

    The Grand Prize Event

    The two-day event will be held in June, the same weekend as the 1,000-km event. Games, a concert, a dinner and accommodation for the night will be organized for students. The next day they will return home with great memories.

    The elementary school in each administrative region in Québec with the most cubes accumulated will be eligible to win the Grand Prize, which will be drawn at random. The chances of winning the draw are determined by cube level: bronze (1 chance), silver (2 chances), gold (3 chances).

  • THE 1,000-KM EVENTPrésenté paren collaboration avec

    The 1,000-km event is the “adult” component of the Grand défi Pierre Lavoie. It is a spectacular cycling marathon that brings together 1000 cyclists who ride in relay behind Pierre Lavoie, who travels along the entire 60-hour circuit between Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean and Montréal.

    The 1,000-km event is not merely an athletic feat. For Pierre Lavoie, this event is above all a forum to raise awareness among the community of the importance of changing our lifestyle habits to ensure our children’s future.

    All of the event’s proceeds are donated to the Grand défi Pierre Lavoie Foundation to support medical research on orphan diseases and to fund projects that promote healthy life habits.

  • THE LOOPPrésentée par

    A new event for the Grand Défi in 2013, La Boucle is open to all healthy-living ambassadors who would like to support the movement started by Pierre Lavoie. On June 15, 2013, make your way to the starting line in Québec and join the 3,000 cyclists participating in the Grand Défi. Participants will join the 1000 km Event riders for a 135 km closed circuit stage from Québec to Lévis.

  • LA COURSEPrésentée par

    Pierre Lavoie is turning his attention to high school students with a new challenge that once again promises to get Quebec’s youth moving. On June 15 and 16, 2013, 2,250 students from 75 high schools in Quebec—30 students per school—will run through day and night in groups of two to complete a 270 km relay. The runners will be spread over three different routes leading to Montréal, where a crowd will be waiting to cheer them on as they cross the finish line. A big party to celebrate an amazing achievement!

  • La Tournée mini cubeen collaboration avec

    La Tournée mini cube a pour mission de stimuler la découverte alimentaire ainsi que le plaisir de bouger chez les enfants de 18 mois à 5 ans en visitant les services de garde éducatifs à l’enfance (SGÉE) partout au Québec. Elle s’inscrit dans les grandes orientations du cadre de référence Gazelle et Potiron du ministère de la Famille qui favorisent la saine alimentation, le jeu actif et le développement moteur en service de garde éducatif à l’enfance. 

    Plaisir et découvertes au rendez-vous 

    La Tournée mini cube visitera environ 200 SGÉE par année pour faire vivre aux enfants et au personnel une journée unique et mémorable entièrement gratuite. La Tournée mini cube et son Jardin des merveilles, soit un véhicule spécialement transformé, se déplacent chaque jour dans de nouveaux établissements. Trois animateurs-explorateurs encourageront les jeunes à explorer, courir, sauter, grimper et s’amuser tout au long de l’activité. Les éducatrices et les éducateurs sont invités à les accompagner et à prendre part à cette découverte. 

    Une expérience haute en couleurs

    Une visite de la Tournée mini cube dans un établissement implique les activités suivantes:

    Parcours extérieur au gré des saisons intégré à l’environnement de l’établissement;

    Activité d’exploration et chasse aux cubes énergie à l’intérieur du Jardin des merveilles;

    Atelier Je mange avec mes sens lors de la collation ou du repas; 

    Rencontre avec nos petits personnages et nos explorateurs;

    Chanson thématique en mouvement;

    Une surprise pour bouger remise à chaque enfant et à l’établissement en fin de journée;

    Des fiches d’activités envoyées au fil des saisons après le passage de La Tournée mini cube.

    Pour plus d’informations ou pour faire une demande pour votre établissement, cliquez ici.