Our mission and values

Our mission

Go le Grand defiThe overriding goal of Grand défi Pierre Lavoie is to create a culture of preventive health in Québec by leading people to adopt healthy life habits. We are determined to develop the fitness movement even more and to increase prevention in our health care system. 

While Grand défi Pierre Lavoie began by being deeply involved with the primary education community, it has now broadened its mission to mobilize students at all levels as well as people of all ages, in Québec and beyond. To this end, various major, unifying events are organized each year to produce lasting changes in individuals and in our society.


Our values

For an organization whose success depends on the involvement and dedication of thousands of people—teachers, volunteers, partners, employees—mutual respect is a core value. At the Grand défi Pierre Lavoie, we believe in the importance of maintaining a collegial atmosphere that values everyone’s contributions and sets a positive example for young people.

It takes boldness to go into the homes and schools of Québec to change life habits. And it takes equally bold means to succeed. From the beginning, we have dared to think outside the box in our activities and communications because we believe that to get young people interested, we have to be original.

To meet the challenge of instilling healthy life habits in both individuals and our society, we believe it is essential to surround ourselves with people driven by a strong desire to devote themselves to the cause, to push their limits to make change happen. From organizers to participants, everyone shares the same passion.