Join The Health Movement

Soyez du mouvement

There are several ways to become involved in the large health movement of the Grand défi Pierre Lavoie: as a contestant, cyclist, volunteer or chaperone.

At school: It is up to elementary school teachers or principals to take the initiative of enrolling their school in the Energy Cubes Challenge.

Registration can be done online at (Teachers’ Zone).

At home: If you are a member of the immediate family of a child who attends an elementary school enrolled in the Energy Cubes Challenge, you can earn additional points for that school and thus improve its chances of winning. All you need to do is be physically active with the child for any number of 15-minute periods in May.

Parents, brothers, sisters, grandparents: Go! Be active with your family! It’s worth it!

Are you a strong cyclist who wants to support the health movement launched by Pierre Lavoie? Form a team of five cyclists and enroll in The 1,000 KM event.

Would you like to be part of a unique experience and get involved for a good cause? Join our volunteer team for our large events or become a chaperone for children taking part in The Grand Prize event. Our volunteers are the driving force and heart of our operation. For more information, please contact us at