Ricardo Manata


Groupe : École Victor-Thérien

La raison pour laquelle je fais la Boucle

As many of you, a bike was my first vehicle, the only means of autonomous transportation, frequently shared with friends, sometimes taking up to 3 kids per bike when some of them were on foot. Back then, reaching the 300m summit of the local mountain in an heavy steel framed bike, was like winning the Tour de France. We are far away from those times and it is with great pleasure that I will join this 135km adventure with some fellow parents, representing École Victor Thérien. By doing it, we’re also passing a message to our kids to practice sports, engaging into an healthier way of life. Now the funding… All funds raised by the team will be allowed to projects intending to make school a better place. The escalating wall in the gym and some improvements on the playground are real examples of past year's donations. We all have more or less dynamic careers and our kids spend a lot of time in school, so lets help them make every day an enjoyable ride. DONATE and help us reach the goal… Support Victor Thérien primary school. We will all ride and swet for them.

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