What is it?


Each year in June, Pierre Lavoie is joined by many hundreds of experienced and devoted cyclists for the 1000 KM ride – the Grand défi Pierre Lavoie’s flagship event that rallies and unites all of Quebec. As always, Pierre leads the pack, while the five cyclists on each team take turns riding behind him.


The Grand défi Pierre Lavoie’s 1000 KM Pure Industriel is back this year in a brand-new format. With sustainable development in mind, the 1000 KM will take up residence in the City of Québec, on the Université Laval campus, which will become the event’s hub.

One village, 1000 possiblities

Over three days, from June 14 to 16, 2024, 215 teams of 5 cyclists will cover 1000 km, divided into 12 stages. Through these stages, cyclists will ride in and around the Capitale-Nationale region, always returning to the same starting point: the Village Avril.

The Village Avril

The famous RVs will be replaced by high-end glamping tents. Forming a large village on the Université Laval campus, they will be complemented by kiosks and complete facilities (toilets, showers, water points, fireplaces, etc.) to ensure the comfort of participants.

Two conditions to fulfill in order to participate :

  1. Each team must partner with at least one elementary school of its choice with the goals of encouraging its pupils to take up the Energy Cubes challenge in May and sponsoring the school in some practical way that promotes healthy life habits. All the donations a team raises in excess of its event registration fee will be forwarded to the schools it sponsors.
  2. Teams are also encouraged to have as one of their members a friend or acquaintance who is more sedentary and who wants to take a healthy turn for the better with a change in lifestyle.

A social movement that brings hope

The Grand défi Pierre Lavoie distributed more than 3.4 million dollars in 2023 to promote healthy life habits among young people and to support research on orphan hereditary diseases. This was done by means of scholarships and grants awarded by the Fondation du Grand défi Pierre Lavoie and through the school sponsorships of the teams in the 1000 KM.

Kudos to the school sponsorships!

In 2023, the participants in The 1000 KM alone raised 3,3 million dollars for their school sponsorships. Each cycling team was invited to partner with one or more elementary schools of their choice and to encourage its pupils to enroll in the Energy Cubes Challenge.

Profits generated by The 1000 KM

The profits generated by The 1000 KM are given to the Fondation du Grand défi Pierre Lavoie to support research on orphan hereditary diseases and projects promoting healthy life habits.

A Team Achievement. A Unique Experience

The 1000 KM offers its participants an exceptional human and sports event. It is the perfect opportunity for them to push for personal bests in many areas. The 1000 KM also means…

  • Stepping out of one’s comfort zone to discover unsuspected inner strengths.
  • Experiencing an unforgettable group adventure marked by moments of intense effort and euphoria, all shared with remarkable people who champion the same values.
  • Asserting one’s commitment to taking a healthy turn for the better. The major media attention given to this event is the perfect platform to showcase the values that you, your company or your organization share with Grand défi Pierre Lavoie.