Sponsorship Tools


Once your participation in the 1000 KM has been confirmed, it’s time to think, with your team, about sponsoring a school!

Here are some tools to make your sponsorship a success :

Select school : What type of environment are you interested in: small, medium, large school? Urban environment, rural environment? According to the 2020-2021 deprivation indices ¨(in French only)?

Contact the school : Contact the school administration and let them know about your project. Principals often already have lots of good ideas in mind when it comes to healthy lifestyles!

Projects to propose : Various inspiring projects have emerged in recent years: purchase of equipment for the gymnasium, climbing wall, bicycle desks, psychomotor course, development of a hebertism trail, introductory course in yoga, white classes, green classes, and much more!

Visit the school with your team :

  • Go energize the students of the sponsored school by presenting them with the project you have selected!
  • Tell them about your team, the Grand défi Pierre Lavoie, and the project related to healthy lifestyles.
  • Invite them to move with you and actively participate in the Energy Cubes challenge.
  • Encourage students to surpass themselves, just as you will during your 1000 KM.

Tip : As soon as the online donation platform opens, you can initiate the solicitation from those around you. Do not wait until you have selected your school and / or your project, start this step as soon as possible. You will have until the end of August to collect the donations.

Finally, to help you with your school’s sponsorship activities, le Grand défi  has prepared a set of tools you can use :


Your coach for your school sponsorship and donation campaign


Suggested videos (in French only)

The Grand défi team also recommends 4 episodes from the Force 4 streaming channel to help you get the children moving during your presentation.

The Force 4 official dance tutorial (5 min)

Cardio pros take a wacky walk along the St. Lawrence (6 min)

Bastien’s active stories (4 min)

Yoga with Katrina (6 min)