Sponsorship Tools


Once your registration in The 1,000 KM is confirmed you can begin to think about which school you would like to sponsor. Here are a few tools to help you become a successful, colourful sponsor!

  • As a team, think about the type of school that interests you: a small, mid-size or large school? In an urban or rural environment? With a high or low score on the deprivation index?
  • After choosing a school, contact the school principal and ask for a meeting to talk about your project. School principals often already have loads of good ideas about teaching healthy life habits to pupils!
  • If you are have difficulty making contact with the school, do not hesitate to contact us. The coordinates of your sponsorship coach are shown below.
  • A wide range of inspiring projects have come to the fore in recent years: gymnasium equipment purchases, climbing wall, bike desks, psychomotor course, school yard rebuild, school yard line painting and playground markings, an hebertism fitness trail, an introductory yoga class, winter field trips, summer field trips, and much, much more!
  • Go to your sponsored school and mobilize the students by introducing your project to them! Tell them about your team, the Grand défi Pierre Lavoie, and how the project ties in with healthy life habits. And, of course, invite them to get moving with you and to actively participate in the Energy Cubes Challenge. Encourage them to achieve new personal bests, just as you will during The 1,000 KM event.

Tip: As soon as the online donation platform opens in January 2020, you can start contacting the people around you for donations. There is no need to wait until you have chosen a school or a school project. Start this step as soon as possible. You will have until the end of August to collect donations.

Lastly, to help you with the sponsorship activities for your school, the Grand défi has prepared a set of tools you can use.


Your coach for your school sponsorship and donation campaign

Julie Maillet
450 641-6669, ext. 244


Suggested videos (in French only)

The Grand défi team also recommends 4 episodes from the Force 4 streaming channel to help you get the children moving during your presentation.

The Force 4 official dance tutorial (5 min)

Cardio pros take a wacky walk along the St. Lawrence (6 min)

Bastien’s active stories (4 min)

Yoga with Katrina (6 min)