Reimbursement policy

Whereas: donors who make a donation on the website using a credit card do not physically present it, and no mechanical imprint or reading of the magnetic stripe is therefore performed.

Whereas: in such cases, donors are able to maintain that they have not made any donation, that a mistake was made or that they are the victim of a malicious act by an unidentified third party.

Whereas: in such cases, it is impossible to prove that the donation was in fact made by the donor himself/herself using this payment method.

Whereas: the donor can easily be reimbursed for their donation by the bank having issued their credit card.

The following has been agreed:

All requests for the reimbursement of a donation made by credit card shall be submitted in writing. The donor shall specify the reason they are requesting this reimbursement and enclose a copy of their latest statement. The donor may hide any information that is not relevant, but their name, address, credit card number and all data relating to the transaction under dispute must be featured.

Following this request, Go le Grand défi shall verify the documents submitted, and ensure that they are in keeping with its registers and that this sum is not already the subject of a dispute. Within a reasonable period (less than 10 business days) following this verification, Go le Grand défi shall credit the account of the credit card used to make the original donation.

Go le Grand défi shall then correct its registers to cancel any possible issue of a charitable donation receipt related to this donation.

Should a team be forced to cancel their participation for a reason beyond their control, none of the money raised by and for the team may be reimbursed.